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‘White Lives Matter’ events expected Sunday have police, communities on edge

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 I'm all for white lives matter, black lives matter and I'm also for all lives  matter but for the right reasons. Groups like the Klan, Black Panthers and BLM are garbage. Unfortunately this is something that the Democrats and the left started and under their rule we're going to be probably see a lot more  white nationalist and the Klan groups be active. White people in today's age are being discriminated against. That's common sense and groups like the Klan and other White nationalist organizations are going to take advantage of that by attempting to recruit white youth into their movements. This is coming from an individual that's in the middle of the color spectrum. I'm technically not white so I can comment from a neutral stand point. This time those groups will have an easier time doing so and like I said you can thank the Democrats and the left for creating division. I work a long side lots of white  people and many of them are fed up at how things are going for them. Being blamed for something they had and have nothing to do with. The pot of water is going to reach it's boiling point and the shit is going to hit the fan. At times it almost feels like this was an organized script by the left.



Police and local leaders in several cities across the U.S. were bracing for "White Lives Matter" events that were reportedly planned for Sunday, according to reports. Read More..


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