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Bad head gasket or trying to fish me for money

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A few months ago I was driving my 2003 GMC Yukon Denali XL 1500 and it started overheating. So obviously I pulled over to the side to let it cool off. I turned on the heat in full blast and the fan too because I had to get it back home so doing that helps with the over heating. Anyways I take off headed for home and started hearing the sound of loose change coming from under the hood. I said to myself it has to be my tranny. Pulled over once again at a gas station, checked the tranny fluid levels and it was empty. Bought some fluid, made a funnel and poured it in which got me straight to my mechanic. I drove nice and slow on the highway with the loud sound of change still. Anyways dropped it off at my mechanic and a couple of days later I get the call. Your transmission is dead. I wasn't surprised considering. Anyways he quoted me for a new one and I took it to my other my mechanic and he quoted me the same price for a new one but to be honest I didn't want to pay 3500 for a new transmission so I went to Aammco. They're specialty is transmissions. Quoted me 2500 for a rebuild with a 18 thousand mile warrantee which I went with.  

A few days later the manager from Aammco calls me and tells me that my head gasket is blown which is what caused my truck to over heat and therefore burned the tranny fluid. I was like interesting there goes another 2k plus. He tells me he's going to look into it more. Calls me two days later and says I should replace the engine and that he can do it for 5500 haha. I tell him do you see stupid written on my forehead or something? I'm going to replace the engine for a blown head gasket? Oh you should because this and that. I was like dude do the transmission and that's all. If there's  one thing that I've learned in my life and from others is that you can't trust car mechanics. They will try to rob you blind. Obviously there's honest ones out there but unfortunately the bad ones give them a bad rep. So now I'm going to drop it off at my regular mechanic and have him take a look. In the meantime I checked for symptoms of a blown head gasket. I drove it around and saw no white smoke coming from anywhere. No over heating and no milky type of material under the oil cap. Also my coolant fluids are still normal. The problem with head gaskets that is a car scanner won't pick that up. Maybe he's right and I do and I need to drive it more to see the symptoms. Anyways I'll see what mechanic tells me. 

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