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  • Community Rules

    Topics in the field of politics and current affairs almost always resort to name calling and heated discussions. Some name calling will be tolerated considering you can't run a discussion board like this one and not expect it. Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, Democrats, Liberals are all welcomed to register. People who are not welcomed to register are the ones that have temper tantrums if they don't agree your political beliefs or you opinions in general.  Bascially if you're a keyboard warrior like many are on Twitter and Facebook thats constantly bashing people for the reasons I put down don't waste your time by joining this community. This isn't Facebook or Twitter where conservatives and republicans are treated like criminals. That will not be tolerated on here. Everyone's political views will be respected unless its from the ones that I listed below. As a member you have every right to express your views and opinions on why you don't agree with someone else's views. That's the beauty of America. We respect free speech and nobody can be persecuted for it which is something the left in America unfortunately don't understand. This isn't a dictatorship. 

    Read the rules below and try to remember them. 

    • No racist epithets allowed what so ever on here and I mean it. You will banned instantly. No exceptions. 
    • No bashing Christianity which also includes different denominations. No insulting any organized religion in general. You will be banned. 
    • On this board we don't care which political group you support as long as it is not related to communism, fascism, national socialism or any kind of a nationalism. Those kind of parties promote violent, racist and hateful views. You will be banned instantly. 
    • No bashing America on here. If you don't like America as a country don't register on here plain and simple. You will be banned right away if you post something that is insulting the country. Bash the government all you want but no bashing the country. There is a reason why people line up by the thousands every day to try and enter this country and that's because it's a great country to live in. 
    • You have every right to voice your dislike for government officials and other known people of power which also includes celebrities. If you're going to post something that is accusing them of something you must post a reliable source to back it up. Your post will be deleted otherwise. If you continue to do so after you have  been warned you will banned.
    • No posting images which are copyrighted unless you have permission to post them. 
    • When quoting a news article post no more than 25 words and point a link back to the original article as a source. If a news article is from the Associated Press you are not allowed to post even a few words. Describe the article in your words and then point a link to the original article.
    • No registering under multiple accounts.
    • No soliciting, no spam and no advertising is allowed on here. If you'd like to advertise your business or website please contact us by clicking here

    That's pretty much it. Let's try and behave civil please. 

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